My name is Mike Carter and this is my site. I am 69 years old  and live in Milwaukie, Oregon with my wife Barbara, a retired registered nurse and our four cats. Never had kids and am very happy with that decision.

         I was once a sports reporter for the now defunct Oregon Journal newspaper, the largest afternoon daily in Oregon. But that paper died in 1980 and I worked at other weekly papers until I grew so very tired of the whole deal.

         I have been drawing since I was very young and took up painting in 1976. I loved it immediately and have to thank a friend of mine, Douglas Anderson, for getting me into something to get my mind off personal problems which were driving me nuts.

         I do not have a philosophy of my art. I paint what I feel like painting and don't believe I am going to change the world with what I do.

         I love the Arizona desert, western history, Oregon, and seeing the world through my eyes. I like Monet for his beautiful art, Van Gogh for his troubled mind and, especially, Henri Mattise for his freedom and color, but I do not try to ape them or style what I do after them.  I hope you enjoy my efforts!   

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